This Is The Reason Why Good Journalists Get A Bad Name In Pakistan


Orya Maqbool charged of plagiarism by Mir Ali Khan
“This Is The Reason Why Good Journalists Get A Bad Name In Pakistan”

I am shocked. Literally shocked at this blatant act of Plagiarism by one of the so called “Top Journalists” Of Pakistan. I wrote an article on April 17th Titled “This Is What Will Happen After Panama Leaks” (See The Timeline For April 17th Below). It not only went viral but i did 2 television programs on Abb Takk TV with Saifan Khan On Benaqaab based on this article. Obviously it was in English. The concept of my article was, Looting The Looters.

This past Friday, Almost 20 days later on May 6th, Mr. Aurya Maqbool Jan, writes an article in Urdu and calls it, Chor Ko Par Gayay Mor, an absolute translation of my Article with just a few added paragraphs of his own. The entire article is simply a translation of my English Article minus two paragraphs. So much so that he gives exact figures that i had given. Well, maybe that is where he messed up. He gave the figure that i had given, of $105 Trillion dollars being stashed in off shore accounts. Well, Mr. Jan, That was 1 billion percent a figure i calculated based on my historical data that i have for 30 years of experience dealing with International Financial Markets and the Shell Companies from Wall Street. How many shell companies are there in the world, not just Panama. How many other Law Firms are in it other than Mossack Fonseca. How much cash is stashed in each shell company times the total number of shell companies gave me the figure of $105 Trillion dollars. This figure is no where declared in any documents. This figure is a result of calculations. If it was just a matter of this figure, i would smile. But you copied the entire Article and called it yours by adding two Paragraphs.

Express Tribune probably does not even know this. This is shameful. Nothing more nothing less. I give two hoots about people copying my articles but i give many hoots when such a torch bearer of Intellect and Journalism outright plagiarizes an article by translating it into Udru. This is the reason why Journalism gets a bad name in Pakistan and good journalists have to be blamed for the bad ones….

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