Retrospect on Afghan War & Taliban


Mujaheddin were created by USA with the help of ISI during Afghan War against Soviet Union & it was mostly Ronald Reagan time in 80s (1981 to 1989). Taliban was created in post Afghan war in 90s by ISI to take the control of Post Afghan War scenario in Afghanistan. It was time when USA after achieving its goal of defeating & disintegrating Soviet Union was achieved & Mess of Afghanistan war was left to Pakistan. Gen Zia, Gen Hameed Gul, Gen Akhtar Abdur Rehman were the Architects of Afghan war. Taliban were supervised during 90s under Gen Asad Durrani, Gen Javed Nasir, Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi, Gen Naseem Rana & Gen Mahmood Ahmed. Clinton has nothing much to do with the creation of Taliban. 2000 onwards, it was an era of Anti Taliban & Anti Al Qaida campaigns under George Bush. We have to accept our blunders when blaming USA. Raheel Sharif is cleaning mess of 3 decades in 3 Years. He must get extension to complete the job. But extensions can be given to Generals Like Kiyani but difficult in case of Raheel Sharif. Ahmad Jawad