Role of IB & Civilian Intelligence Agencies


By Ahmad Jawad

Watch the video of disclosures made by Shoaib Siddle & deliberate the role & responsibility of IB & other Civilian Intelligence Agencies. Creation & growth of MQM by successive Govt also carry contribution by PMLN Govt. Role of IB in political exploitation is historical & consistent. Did IB ever play useful role in the national security of country or it just remained a mole in the hands of political Governments? Question needs debate as huge funds are allocated to IB in the name of internal security of country. Whenever there is a bomb blast, some politicians & faction of media points responsibility towards Defense forces. Did ever any analyst or politician or media discuss the role of IB & 2 dozen other civilian intelligence agencies. Our national action plan must deliberate role & responsibility of civilian intelligence agencies. Nation must know what these intelligence agencies have been doing in last 10 years of most turmoil history of national security. Nation must also know what can be expected from IB & Civil Intel agencies in future. If entire responsibility is to be attributed to ISI & Military Intelligence, why not close down IB & other civil Intelligence agencies to save national exchequer & stop political exploitation?