Student of Swat has broken the 150 years old record of SAT in US


When it comes to intelligence and hardworking, Pakistani students are no less than any other student in the world. Pakistani students are blessed with such sharp minds that they can shine in the whole world just by a little hard work.We have a lot of examples of how different Pakistani students have made Pakistan proud by topping in foreigner universities and leaving all other students behind. Another such example is of a bright student of Swat has broken the 150 years old record of SAT in US.

Yes this is true. A Pakistani student belonging to Swat has broken the 150 year-old record by securing 2400 marks in the Scholastic Assessment Test SAT held in California State of the US. This is such a proud moment for Pakistan. Name of this brilliant student is Waleed Khan. He participated in Scholastic Assessment Test SAT, which is a compulsory exam for getting admission in any American college. Scholastic Assessment Test SAT is considered to be a very tough exams as it examines the brightness of students and filters different students on basis of their brilliance. According to which they get admitted into different colleges and universities. The total test score of Scholastic Assessment Test SAT was 2400. Waleed amazed everyone when he got 100 percent marks by securing 2400 out of 2400. Waleed Khan dedicated the honour of this success to Pakistan and all people of Swat area who embraced martyrdom in the militancy region of Swat.


Pakistani city Swat is considered to be a little backward with no good quality of education. But this example has discarded all the old views. If a Swati student can go this far due to his brilliance, we should not think about a city to be lesser than any other city and lets not judge Swat of having a low quality education. Becuase Waleed has proved it wrong by his hard work and success.

His name ‘Waleed Khan’ along with his marks are shining bright on the website of the SAT exams organizers. And is making us Pakistanis very proud of this nation’s intelligent son. This and other related examples of bright Pakistani students are a proof that Pakistani students are not behind anyone, when it comes to brilliance, intelligence and sharpness of mind. Events like these break the stereotypes about Pakistani people who is a really good thing for the image of Pakistan.

We should all work hard like Waleed Khan because only with the handwork we can make Pakistan shine among other countries. We can make Pakistan a better country to live in by hard work and a little extra effort. We can achieve success only if we want to. We can make it happen only with our will. So stop making excuses of how you couldn’t pass the certain exam due to your limited resources because that excuse is not going to work now.

Let us hope Allah bless all of us to make our country proud. So work hard and make Pakistan proud just like Waleed Khan did. Good Luck!