Sundas Foundation


Sundas foundation is an NGO working for Thalassaemia,hemophilia and blood cancer patients free of cost.we provide blood and blood products to governmental and non governmental hospitals free of cost round the clock on the request of doctors.The Organization totally depends and based on funds and Donations,like sadqa,zakat, etc.Sundas Foundation has 9 branches in different cities of Punjab Pakistan like Lahore,Gujranwala,Faisalabad,Gujarat,mirpur,Daska and specially in Sialkot.we are please to tell that sundas Foundation Sialkot branch has their own bulding which is registered with the name of sundas foundation it is our great effort and success.we care about Thalassemia,Hemophilia and blood cancer patients. Sundas Foundation is the pioneer in voluntary healthy blood transfusion service in Sialkot division. The center was set up in 2005 with the aim of supporting the poor sufferers of Thalassaemia, Haemophelia and Lukemia, mainly children. Many private and public centers were operating in the division at that time but had their own limitations. Private centers charged high fee for blood and its transfusion and public centers had major difficulties regarding the availability of healthy blood. From Gujranwala center, Sundas Foundation started promoting the acute shortage of healthy blood for poor children. It started working on this important issue and found blood donors as well as philanthropists so that this work could continue on a bigger scale. Today, it is one of the biggest centers in Sialkot providing healthy blood through its blood bank. The Sialkot center also has a state-of-art laboratory to make sure that the blood is properly and safely screened before it is transfused. A team of competent doctors and ambulance service is available 24 hours a day.