A Tale of DTH from Neighbourhood


By Ahmad Jawad

A tale of Treasure Award not Treasure Hunt. A tale of DTH from neighbourhood.

Video on spread of Indian Dish spread in Pakistan & inaction by PEMRA is a food for thought for us. But our nation is fond of food but not thought.

DTH is the technology which our successive Governments could not introduce in Pakistan when whole world went on to DTH. Indian Dish is also a DTH technology. When we are unable to progress with rest of the world, we end up relying on others.

IP streaming is next technology ahead of DTH. Netflix is leader in the world in this technology. Netflix has been introduced in Pakistan under License & regulation.

Indian Dish was illegal DTH which spread in Pakistan illegally in last 8 years. Once it was spread to the tune of Millions of illegal subscribers, granting a license to anyone in Pakistan was like awarding a treasure. Obviously treasure is to be awarded to friends of Sharifs. I am not sure about authenticity who got the License. But name of Shakilur Rehman has been taken as the recipient of such treasure.

Vision is something which allows nation to lead & not to stagger behind others. Vision comes from Leaders. Our leaders have great vision for their business & children but for Pakistan, their vision reduce to blindness.

Video Courtesy: Social Media