Theory of Nawab of KalaBagh – The Ultimate Solution to all Problems in Pakistan


By Ahmad Jawad

No need of any revolution and no need of any Marshall Law.

Nawab of KalaBagh theory can be applied in any sphere of life with guaranteed solutions in Governance.

1. Take the load shedding hours of remotest village of Pakistan & apply it at PM Secretariat & all Govt department & reduce load shedding hours according to rest of the country. Load shedding will disappear in one year.

2. Shift all Govt offices & Govt residential areas including PM/CM to rural & remote areas till rural & urban areas infrastructure match each other. Install Camp cities in rural areas to accommodate Govt Officials & rulers. Within 5 years, entire country will have compatible infrastructure both in rural & urban areas. Offer early retirement to those who are reluctant which will leave behind only those officials who carry real motivation to serve country. Recruit new Govt officials to fill the vacancies under the new policy.Retain technical departments in urban areas to avoid collapse of infrastructure. Retain necessary civic amenities & law enforcement departments in urban areas.

3. Ban mineral & filtered water in entire Govt offices including PM/CM & make them drink tap water till every citizen has access to safe drinking water. Within 2 years entire population will have safe drinking water.

4. Make every Govt official including PM/CM to take medical treatment only from Govt Hospitals. Within 2 years, country will have best administered Govt hospitals in entire country.

5. Make every Govt official including PM/CM to send their children only to Govt Schools. Within 2 years Govt Schools will be best performing & available in every corner of Pakistan.

6. Make every Govt official including PM/CM to travel in public transport. Within 2 years, country will have best public transport system throughout the country.

7. Ban all court cases from new applications to further proceedings of all judges,Lawyers & Police till all pending cases are concluded on merit including appeals. Keep Judges, Lawyers & Police unprotected from Law of Pakistan till every citizen starts enjoying a safe n secure society. Within one year, entire judicial system will be on track.

8. Recall entire staff of foreign embassies around the world & invite volunteers from Overseas Pakistanis to represent Pakistan. Carry out thorough & tough scrutiny of those selected ones evaluating their ability, integrity & loyalty to Pakistan. Within one year, Pakistan image will rise globally.

9. Shift all Army, Navy & Air Force from urban areas to border & field areas.

10. Introduce new currency notes with max currency note of 100 Rupees. Bribery would require trucks to carry it. Entire transaction more than RS 20,000 be shifted on digital transactions using online, credit card, debit card, easy paisa tools. 80 % population will not be affected as 80 % population do not have routine transaction more than 20,000. Taxation will be automatic & transparent due to digital transaction.

11. No office for police officials till entire community get rid of all crimes. Top Police officials to sit besides a road in every community & entertain problems of community.

12.Hand over all urban authorities ( CDA, LDA, KDA…….) control to Bahria Town for 10 years. Entire country will turn into one of the best infrastructure in the world.

13. Implement maximum 4 ADS( Each 15 Sec) in one hour for all TV Channels. Turn all viewership through Netflix or NayaTel type of streaming for better control.

14. Cancel passports & ID of lovers of India & throw them to India over the border.

15. Put President & all 4 Governors into 6 different Rickshaws & let them collect donations by travelling throughout the country. Be careful all donations through bank.

16. Word ” VIP” be abolished and all services under this word terminated.

It is not a dream, any PM & CM can implement this through Parliament provided parliament session is held at Thar Desert in open in the month of June. No parliament member may be allowed to leave the desert till he signs the amendment to constitution. Within 24 hours, entire parliament will sign the amendment to sacred constitution of democratic Pakistan.

Raheel Shareef, Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif, Pervez Khattak, are you listening?

Heartless leaders may not listen or read this message. It is injurious to their health & happiness.