Rotten political system of Pakistan

Courtesy: Social Media


1. A Pakistani Politician can Contest Elections from two or more seats!
But a Pakistani citizen cannot vote from two places.

2. A person in jail, cannot vote.
But a Pakistani Politician can fight Elections even while in prison!

3. A person who has ever been in prison can never get a Govt. job.
But a Pakistani Politician could have been in jail any number of times, even then he can become  PM or MNA/MPA or have any other post.

4. You have to be a graduate to get an ordinary job in a bank.
But, even if a Pakistani Politician is illiterate, he can become a minister in Pakistan.

5.To get an ordinary soldiers post in the army you have to have s high school certificate and also be able to run 10 Km and be physically and mentally fit…
But even if a Pakistani Politician is illiterate, crazy, ignorant, having Dementia, besides being lame and disabled, then even, he can become the Boss of the chief of Army, Navy and the Air force by becoming the Prime Minister or the Defence Minister!

6. And if a Pakistani Politician’s whole family has never gone to school, there is no rule to stop that Pakistani Politician from become the Nation’s Education Minister.

7. A Pakistani Politician who has thousands of court cases going on against him/her, that Pakistani Politician can become the Chief of the all the chiefs of the Police Dept., that is, the Minister of the Interior!

If you feel that this system needs to be changed, that the Common citizens and the Pakistani Politicians should be ruled by the same laws…
Then, lend your support by spreading this message by forwarding it to build awareness in our Country!


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