Tribute to Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed & Last Spark of Raheel Sharif


By Ahmad Jawad

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Legacy started in 1965 war & sparked again in 2013 with the arrival of Raheel Sharif. Enemy was defeated in 1965 & enemy was defeated again in 2016. Enemy came back after 1965, enemy will come back again after 2016. Nations who do not follow up a great legacy, soon find themselves in danger again. Our enemy see us as a nations of sparks, they halt their offence when faced by such sparks & wait till his departure.  Enemy is counting days when spark of Raheel Sharif will retire in Nov 2016. Do we have another spark after Nov 2016, if not, get ready, enemy will be back & this time more furious & better prepared. If we don’t awake after the spark of Raheel Sharif, we may not have any more sparks. This is our last chance to survive. This is enemy’s  last chance to destroy us once for ever. Last phase of war will start after Nov 2016 to see one of the two outcomes.