Once Upon a Time in the East


By Ahmad Jawad

Once upon a time a nation in the East was under attack by criminals, murderers, target killers, kidnappers, Suicide attackers, bombers, foreign agents, gun shooters, robbers, rapist & corrupt. Rulers (Democracy brand) were issuing statements of condemnation & even visiting hospitals after every mass killing. Rulers would come on the TV & challenge the attackers fearlessly after every incident. Rulers would live & travel in highest protocol of security fearlessly. Rulers would promise the nation to apprehend responsible ones after every incident only to repeat the promise after next incident. Nation went into insomnia & got used to killings & crimes, only when somebody might lose his near & dear, pain was felt.

All hopes of recovery was gone. Country became a theatre of corpses & vultures. Just at this moment, a “Man in Uniform” arrived, he came forward to take on the killers & criminals. Rulers warned him severe consequences of such courage & advised him to surrender & kneel down against killers & beg for their mercy. Man in Uniform did not listen to them & attacked the killers. Killers started running away & peace started coming back. Foreign sponsors were very upset on such offensive response, they protested the rulers, rulers apologised and whispered in each other’s ears. Foreign sponsors participated in wedding ceremony of rulers to reciprocate expression of good will of rulers and sang ” Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” together. They exchanged gifts & appreciations. Foreign sponsors went back happily & acted according to the plan of good will. Runaway killers were gathered at a neighbouring country. Funds, training & support was provided to ” Runaway” killers. Rulers assured inaction against foreign agents & planners hiding in the country. Media promised to hit back “Man in Uniform”as soon as a successful attack will be launched. Fortunately after every attack, man in uniform & entire nation got more determined & United.

Rulers, Media & foreign sponsors changed one strategy to another: border shelling, attack on school children, attack on celebrities, kidnapping of important people, firing on security vehicles, International pressure, Drone attacks by US, United front with other neighbours but nothing really worked.

Rulers felt very embarrassed & told their foreign sponsors, that “Man in Uniform”has embarrassed them by getting successful & getting the credit. They requested foreign sponsors to carry out a series of attacks near the retirement of “Man in Uniform” to prove he lost the war.

Rulers sat back during entire operation of “Man in Uniform” & would only jump up after any incident of terrorist attack & would point towards “Man in Uniform “;see he has failed, we warned him”. Media would raise the volume of their mic to create the similar impression. Unfortunately Nation is also no better than rulers & media, so they would also join the course of ” Intel Failure” slogan. Nobody knows what is happening but pre planned agenda of blaming “Intel failure” just takes shape of like a fashion.

Man in Uniform made one mistake, he knew about the rulers & media he did not judge his nation rightly. His retirement is in few months. He has following options

First Option: Bow down against the similar breed of nation, rulers & media and leave for foreign appointment as Commander of Islamic Armed Forces. Rulers and Media will celebrate departure of ” Last Man Standing” and nation can join any celebration of it is in fashion.Media will apply necessary correction for rulers to keep the history according to the wishes of rulers & their sponsors.

Second Option:Remove the rulers, carry out tough accountability of rulers, politicians, media, NGOs & establishment. Complete the mission of defeating enemy once for ever by creating ” Game of Thrones ” Behind Enemy Lines”. Create a entertainment club named “Democracy Land” on the lines of Disneyland to engage democracy lovers to have fun in this club.

The story did not end here.

Next season with more bloodshed & new battle lines. Was the club ” Democracy Land” created? Did Man in Uniform left? Did rulers succeed with foreign sponsors? Did ” Game of Thrones” worked ” Behind Enemy Lines”?

To see this all wait for Next Season in November. After all, this nation in the East is best spectator of its own destruction.