If you want to see how nations strive in a crisis or after crisis?


How a pilot handled his aircraft with both engines failed, How rescue operation was done by volunteers & Government rescue teams in minutes, How aircraft accident was analysed after the incident, you may like to watch movie ” Sully” showing the true story of famous and extra ordinary landing of an aircraft on River Hudson saving all 155 passengers. It is true that best performance of our Government has never been more than finding the head of a suicide bomber or Black box of an aircraft. What happens afterwards is never known to nation unless one more suicide bomber head & Black Box is found. Nobody among the top will ever resign? Nobody ever is found guilty among the top? Black Box becomes a black mark and easily forgotten by the Government and nation both. Those who lost their dear ones carry the pain rest of their lives. No nation ever survived with the rule of injustice. We are just heading into that direction one by one, slowly but surely.