War Crimes of Bush & Blair – From ChilCot to Malaysia Cut


By Ahmad Jawad

International Tribune in Malaysia declared George Bush & Tony Blair as war criminals. Mahathir Muhammad presence at International Tribunal report event at Kuala lumpur was glimpse of a past glory of a great leader. It is first such initiative by any Muslim country. International Tribunal was comprised of judges & prosecutor of International fame.  Last such verdict came from Britain by ChilCot Report. Therefore it is second International verdict against Bush & Blair war crimes.

Another interesting part of this video was coverage & reporting of such significant event by Press TV(Iran TV). Did any of our local media especially PTV covered the event? I am not sure. In some of my earlier articles I wrote about rise of Press TV, RT TV, CCTV & some other media channels on international scene. Media was a pitch traditionally prepared & used by US & Britain for global perception building till new experts of Pitch are in the market. It is a very healthy sign to have diverse angles from different International media groups. The question remains ” Where is the International presence of Pakistani media” which continues to play a local role without substance & enjoy the local popularity like Sultan Rahi films enjoyed in 70s & 80s. Media warfare is important component of today’s perception building. Sadly Pakistan is not one of such players.

PTV which enjoys funding of electricity bills to the tune of Billions is found busy only polishing shoes of ruling regime.