We are beggars! We are corrupt! but who are “They”?


By Ahmad Jawad

Reference to an idea on social media about writing to US embassies & authorities to oppose India’s inclusion in NSG, we should not forget we are a corrupt & beggar nation in global perception. Neither beggar nor corrupt find any respect. The day we will rise as a nation, we won’t need any blessing or favours from US or anyone. Turkey refused to take EU membership if it is to be negotiated at his national interest .With current growth rate of Turkey & if Tayyip Erdogan survives the wrath of US,Israel & EU,Turkey will be a global power militarily & economicallyin 5 years. We need to have a foreign Minister like Sahibzada Yaqoob & Agha Shahi.We need a leader to lead the nation honourably. We will never get any respect if we have runaway leadership in Dubai, UK & USA while we are remotely run by them. Such nations only get charity only when global powers need the beggars to play some favourable role. Yesterday, we got charity for fighting their wars. Today they don’t want us to fight against terrorism. They don’t want CPEC, they don’t want us to build Gawadar port, they don’t want to see China here, they don’t want our tough actions against Altaf Hussain & Baluch rebels, they don’t want us to develop tactical nuclear weapon, they don’t want us to catch Kulbashan Yadav, they don’t want peace with Taliban, they don’t want us to give a tough answer to Afghanistan,they don’t want protest against their drones, they don’t want to see Dr Shakil Afridi in jail, they don’t want to see action against Hussain Haqqani, they also don’t want to see Ayaan Ali on ECL, they don’t want Military courts to penalise terrorist & they don’t want operation against terrorist & corrupt in Punjab. Most importantly they don’t want to see Raheel Sharif or likes of him now & in future who disrupt their strategy. Who are they? Do we know them?