When I said “15 million people might be infected in Pakistan”, everybody was shocked.By Ahmad Jawad


Current percentage of corona infected against each test is 1 out of 12. Now do a simple math, it’s more than 15 million people. Statistics is an art which is drawn through simple maths.

Next question “ Only people suspected with corona go for corona tests”. With one of the lowest testing capacity, we must consider additional factor of 40% population in rural area might not even reach for a test and 94% recovering may never appear in any statistics.

“The World Health Organization has repeatedly stated that social distancing, coupled with aggressive testing, is the only surefire way to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that is sweeping the globe”.

Purpose is not to create scare, but to present gravity for which we are not prepared mentally. We must look at this figure & prepare according to this figure. Yes we will hope for best but preparing for worst is best strategy.

With intended testing capacity of 10,000 per day, we will take approx 60 years to test 220 million people

and with current testing capacity of 3000 per day, we will take approx 180 years to test 220 million people.

Does it scare you?

Let’s not expect too much from Govt, with a weak health care system and ignored for last 50 years, we are facing worst reality that we are not prepared. We are facing worst health crisis in the history of mankind.

We need to stay at home and 100% isolate ourselves, this is the solution. 10% population of Pakistani living with enough resources must feed 90% of population in this difficult times which means each one of us with a car, smart phone, own house and regular income must feed 10 families. That’s the solution, stop wasting time in criticising govt.

Next scary thing, 15 million infected with 6% current global mortality rate might have 8 Lakh deaths in Pakistan.

Let’s see the threat realistically and stop believing in weather change or XYZ reasons of Corona virus not effecting Pakistan.

We are in for greatest battle of mankind. Greatest battles are fought by greatest people. Greatest minds & greatest nation. Greatest starts with clarity, passes through vision & ends with strategy. Let’s be part of a greatest nation

Corona is mother of all wars, mankind has faced.

Stay tuned for next bulletin on impact of Corona on Economy.