Without knowing swimming or without wearing life jacket, if we jump in Ocean, what happens?


By Ahmad Jawad

Writer is Chief Visionary Officer of World’s First Smart Thinking Tank ”Beyond The Horizon” and most diverse professional of Pakistan. See writer’s profile at http://beyondthehorizon.com.pk/about/ and can be contacted at “pakistan.bth@gmail.com”

Social media has just exposed our behaviours in large scale and that too traveling & spreading at lightening speed. It’s about 4 Billion people suddenly jumped into ocean of social media, most of them without knowing swimming and without life jackets.

I often try not to blame social media for what we were and what we are.

Our “difference of opinion” might not be that simple description of our debates on social media. Instead it is our ignorance, our stubbornness, our ego, our obsolescence, lack of vision, lack of dynamism, lack of knowledge, lack of reading and inability to accept change is suddenly exposed in the ocean of social media. This leads to our frustration, and frustration leads to further stubbornness & stubbornness leads to rejection and clash.

It’s like we don’t know swimming but try to pose we know swimming just to satisfy our ego & stunbborness.

A number of people who are better off with silence since it covers their weaknesses. Social media prompted everyone to break silence but not realising that everyone is not properly equipped resulting into ruthless exposure of our inaptness.

In between this swimming, drowning, and floating in the ocean of social media, awareness through social media is definitely slowly helping the cause of enlightenment riding on crest n trough of digital waves.

Maryum Nawaz Media cell is one such example of jumping into ocean of social media without knowing how to swim, when to float and when to dive.PMLN social media ship has sunk.

Recent incident of Sharmeen chinoy is not about social media, it’s about crude, rude, fallacious mindset of a class of greed, ambitiousness and exploitation.With social media we are able to see such faces more clearly. Yes it is drawing lines of grave differences in our society.Such fault Lines are getting deeper & stronger.

Consensus is a bigger challenge in the world of social media but once it happens, it is very strong & long lasting. PTI & Imran Khan is an interesting case study of social media which changed strong perceptions & broke strong predictions. Traditional analyst & experts have often been proved wrong in this case study.

Social Media is all about strong content and Imran Khan is very strong content. You can never use social media to present a thief as an angel on social media. This could not be understood to Sharifs & Zardari. Result: they are exposed badly.

Imran Khan, Social Media and Pakistan, there was never a greater timing and greater chemistry. Those studied biology, should study this chemistry. It will change all formulas of chemistry. We have a new chemist in the making. His name is Imran Khan and he is writing new rules for Pakistan, we all now following his rules whether we like it or not. New rule is all about one subject and the subject is Imran Khan.