What was so easily understandable to Singaporeans is never understood by Pakistanis


Lee Kuan Yew has always put Singapore’s interest FIRST.
Nobody, nothing is being allowed to post a threat to disrupt or destabilize Singapore.

His message to his nation:

Before you lend your support to anyone’s agenda, ask yourself: where does their ‘interest’ lie?
Are they really doing things for your (Singaporeans) benefits?
Or are they doing it for their own personal benefits?

There has always been people out there (both from outside the country and within the country) to undermine Singapore.

If you do not keep your eyes open, you will be mislead, shoot yourself in the foot, and ruin your children’s future.

In Pakistan, those who have already created their back ups in UK, Dubai, have no stakes in Pakistan. If Pakistan goes down, they won’t go down. Singaporean could understand this easily but Pakistanis has never learnt this. That is why all leadership of major parties with the exception of PTI won’t go down if Pakistan goes down, they would only fly away to their safe heavens. Alas! Our nation is naive to understand this simple idea. Ahmad Jawad