Keep a close eye on your children at all times

Keep a close eye on your children at all times. Children are innocent & can be trapped easily. It's our responsibility to keep a...


Sweden’s Minister of the Future Explains How to Make Politicians Think...

Kristina Persson’s job is rather unique. Just over a year ago, Stefan Löfven, Sweden's current social democratic prime minister, decided the 70-year-old from Österstund...

Over The Horizon

Electrical engineer in the field of diagnosing cancer

A University of Texas at Arlington electrical engineer has developed a novel cancer cell detection method that will improve early diagnosis through a tool...



Putin Shows How American Democracy AND Presidential Elections are Rigged

Something you won't find on CNN, Fox, BBC & other western media. Russian President Vladimir Putin has just confirmed what former congressman and presidential candidate...

Social Media

How to change your Profile Photo, Name or Status on WhatsApp?

Photo and name Depending on your privacy configuration, your profile photo and name may be visible to anyone you chat with on WhatsApp. To set...

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