Gilgit Baltistan disconnected with Pakistan since 2 weeks

A personal experience by local of Gilgit Baltistan.


The issue has gone so severe that people in or linked to PIA are selling a ticket of 7300/00 to Gilgit for over 20000/00 !! I felt so disgusted, humiliated and saddened to see so many passengers begging PIA staff at airport today for operating the flight as the flight was cancelled on the pretext of technical. Despite my rank and contacts,  I couldn’t get a seat for Gilgit for a cousin who had an obligation to attend at home in Gilgit Baltistan despite an effort of over 10 days and finally someone else bought him a ticket for 21000/00 yesterday but his flight on 130700 Apr was cancelled. Let’s hope he flies to Gilgit at 6AM tomorrow; he got ticket advanced for tomorrow only after mass agitation by all passengers today at Islamabad airport with damage to lot of PIA property there !!

Courtesy: Social Media