Pakistan’s Water needs & Future


Source: Social Media

What Sharifs, Bhuttos & Zardaris did for water security of Pakistan. They haven’t done anything because they and their generation’s future do not exist in Pakistan.

Pakistan is second most water insecure country in Asia after Afghanistan (Asian Water Outlook-2016, ADB). Tarbela life is expiring in 2025. If a new reservoir of about 10 MAF capacity is not constructed by then, about 18 million hectare agri land in Indus Basin Irrigation System (IBIS) will start drying up. The only viable alternate of Tarbela is Kalabagh because no other dam can store Indus water and supply to IBIS. Pakistan must start construction of Kalabagh immediately otherwise after 2025 Provinces will be fighting over water, country’s food security will be at extreme high risk, more than 60% of population will loose its livelihood, major exports that are agri based will diminish, economy will collapse, and those responsible for this crime will flee to Dubai and UK. I pray for my country and plead its leaders to wake up and protect Pakistan from becoming Afghanistan or Ethiopia.