By Dr Humayun

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
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Before discussion on this action, I have to explain that all actions which I have to do to become Muttaqee must give benefits to the other human beings, although I will definitely get benefits from these in hereafter and in this world inshaallah. I will try to explain what I have understood from Qur’an

Third necessary action which I have to do if I believe in and I want to become Muttaqee is prayer

On the the face it looks like that it is my personal action, then why it has social or political effects

My understanding is that if a person who has the money and spends supposedly for the vested interest ,to get more benefits he keeps his prayers as well, more people will be impressed from him by his this action and become regular in their prayers.He , because of his intentions may not become Muttaqee, but may be other people get benefit through his actions and start doing it for only to please Allah (SBT).

Read the warning of Allah SBT

Surah Al -Maa’un


الَّذِينَ هُمْ عَن صَلَاتِهِمْ سَاهُونَ
Those who are inattentive to their Sala’t


الَّذِينَ هُمْ يُرَاءُونَ
The people who do it be seen

So if I am doing prayers to be seen, it is not going to give me benefit in the hereafter, but might give benefit to me in this world but very likely can give benefit to the others
Just one more example that I want my children to keep their prayers, if I don’t keep my prayers, my saying will have little impact on them, but if I start praying, although to be seen that I am praying, they’ll start doing it and chance is that they might do it for only to please Allah (SBT)

There are other examples but I am more focusing on social aspects of this action.

This is the focal point for the Muslims and place of gathering, knowing the people around and help to make a community which will have an important impact socially , politically and also will have economical implications.

This is very important aspect of prayers,if it is used for making a society which is main message of Allah (SBT) and his prophet (PBUH), in addition to many other benefits , i.e compulsory to do as believer (intensive reminder that I have to go from this world and have only few years to show my creator the work and effort


The human nature is , how much I might be generous in charity, even then I will be saving money, then I will have to pay zakat which is compulsory for the believer

Again the purpose of this action is to give benefit to the society

FIFTH ACTION: To keep promises (speaking truth)

This is the most important action which if I want to become muttaqee , after I say I am a believer. It always give benefit to the others and the whole society, and if I realise it is the only way to become successful in this world and hereafter .

If we look around the societies where truth by and large prevails , they are successful either they are believer or not

This is very very important component for a family ,society/ nation to survive and progress

Few more reasons, although it is unfair to explain this in this brief statement

Our prophet (PBUH) even before he was given prophethood or revelation came to him , he was the most truthful, trustworthy person of his society

This was one the most important character of prophet (PBUH), which played a major role in the spread of Islam in that society and the rest of the world.,in addition to other reasons.
If we read history, as long as the muslims were truthful and trustworthy ,Islam spread to the rest of the world and remained a power, now the book of Allah(SBT), which is the book of guidance is read by majority of the Muslim with out knowing the meaning forget about the understanding

Even prophet (PBUH), made agreements with the non Muslim and never brook them, although sometimes on the face those were not favorable to the Muslim of that time etc

All dealings in this world depend upon the contracts.The human, societies and countries deal with each other on the basis of contracts .If they keep the agreements,there is always benefits for each other.Any country or society who doesn’t keep their agreements run in trouble and lose for the small benefits which they might get by breaking the agreements.

Marriage in Islam is a social contract which brings on obligations to each partner and sometimes the parents find it difficult to cope with the responsibilities but continue it for the welfare of their children This is very very important aspect of Islam because Allah (SBT) wants to build the the society and family being the unit of society is very important.

If we look at the west the main reason in addition to many others is difficulty in coping with the responsibility which the society (government) has brought on the couples to raise the children. Even so much so that few do not want to have children.

If we read Qur’an and Hadith of prophet (PBUH)there’s lot of stress on the development of the family and to this aspect is explained in detail in Quran and Hadith.

So in short this aspect or action of mine which is very important for me to be guided in this world and become Muttaqee and to get success in hereafter and in this world is very important, because it is a very important action which sends strong message to the people and helps others to understand Islam more easily.

I will come back soon inshaallah